Samsung confirmed the IMEI and Serial number are not genuine 2014

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I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone from Ebay, which turned out to be a counterfeit copy with lower specifications and cheap parts. I paid using Paypal which gives buyer protection. So I proceeded to put a claim in and have provided this following strong evidence below, yet they seem to be fobbing me off that they do not accept video evidence. This is strange as a previous case I used video and it was accepted!!

I have been on the phone to Samsung and also followed up by emailing them this page for there expert opinion as requested. They replied in an email confirming the serial and IMEI numbers are NOT genuine, and I forwarded this manufacturers reply to paypal. Paypal Now have stone walled again and told me "this does not meet there requirements". I am not impressed where i have supplied quite adequate evidence.

I am very upset with this delay as I am currently out of pocket £254 and have no mobile phone to use.

They asked me to get 3rd Party verification with a Mobile Phone Engineer , which in this case the approved Samsung center was is a 15mile round trip, yet say I will not get any travel expenses or reimbursement for my time, Yet paypal make Billions a year and expect others to carry out work for Free. This corporation is not acting genuine reputable business.

I would like to add that I have now been reimbursed my travel expenses by the seller 6 weeks later. The fact i made this article and videos did help that to come about.

fake galaxy box

Also my back cover does not have the words Galaxy S4
Just SAMSUNG at the top

fake LCD LED screen

- More shocking stories about Paypal by the BBC Watchdog programme - Video : eBay still allow Fakes sold by power sellers and fail to support buyers

paypal disregard for members personal email passwords data safety undeleted